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Creative Kinetics - Making Mechanical Marvels in Wood

книга об изготовлении деревянных механических движущихся игрушек, от самых простых - таких, как ветряные лопасти, до более сложных.


Artist, inventor, and longtime author Rodney Frost is known for wacky, whimsical woodworking books that encourage readers to experiment. With his newest, most creative volume yet, he provides an introduction to the wild and whimsical world of kinetic art—art that moves. Using plenty of informative sidebars and dynamic illustrations, Frost teaches the basic techniques in his own inimitable style, beginning with easy, fun projects like weather vanes and mobiles powered by air currents alone. Then it’s on to simple toys you manipulate with strings, and art mechanized by levers, cranks, cams, and cogs. Far from a routine woodworking book, Creative Kinetics will inspire even the least craft-minded reader to pick up some scissors and turn a tuna can into a propeller or cardboard into a jumping-jack.

| PDF | 145 pages | 17 Mb




Fine WoodWorking On Marquetry And Veneer

Выпиливание. Работа со шпоном


Perhaps it is just human nature, but the most beautiful pieces of wood seem always to come from the farthest, most inaccessible corners of the globe. Naturally such wood is scarce and expensive, and we must make each piece of it stretch as far as it can


| PDF | 93 pages | 15 Mb





Great Book of Celtic Patterns.

Исходя из геометрических форм найденых в кельтских памятниках и рукописях, в этой книге изложены основные принципы проектирования и пошаговые инструкции для построения, и рисования линий, изгибов, кос и узлов в древней ирландской традиции. С уроков, которые могут быть применены к разным видам декоративно-прикладного искусства: от рукоделия и деревообработки, до декоративной живописи - это учебное руководство разгадывает секреты создания сложных кельтских узлов. Предложены более сложные конструкции с добавлением новых линий и текстур. Ремесленники любого уровня будут пировать в бесконечном архиве оригинальных моделей предложенных в настоящем сборнике.


Calling on geometric forms found in Celtic monuments and manuscripts, this crafter?s companion presents basic design principles and step-by-step instructions for plotting out and drawing lines, twists, braids, and knots in the ancient Irish tradition. With lessons that can be applied to a multitude of arts and crafts?from needlework and woodworking to decorative painting?this instructional guide unravels the secrets to creating intricate Celtic knot work. Offering increasingly intricate designs with the addition of lines and new textures, artisans of any skill level will revel in the endless archive of original patterns provided in this sourcebook.

| PDF | 192 pages | 25 Mb




Holzspielzeug Selber Machen

Книга Holzspielzeug Selber Machen подробно рассказывает об изготовлении деревянных простых и сложных игрушек и поделок из дерева


The book Holzspielzeug Selber Machen recounts on the manufacture of simple and complex wooden toys and handicrafts made of wood


| PDF | 177 pages | 11 Mb




L'artisan Marqueteur

В этой книге рассказывается о технике выполнения Marquetry. В книге нет шаблонов, упор больше делается на технику, 350 фото, поясняющие наглядно, что, зачем и почему


Décrit les gestes du marqueteur en 350 photos couleurs prises en atelier. Présente les bois, l'outillage et techniques de placage. Six projets de difficulté progressive complètent la partie pratique.


| PDF | 65 pages | 10Mb




Making Heirloom Toys.

Пособие по изготовлению деревянных игрушек. Знание английского языка желательно, но не обязательно, потому что процесс изготовления игрушек хорошо представлен на картинках.


Jim Makowicki's wooden toys show an attention to detail and sophistication of design that set them apart from the usual run-of-the-mill toy projects. This collection of toys includes 22 projects, primarily featuring transportation toys (cars, trains, trolleys, planes and boats) and educational toys. For each project, there's a full-page photo of the toy, detailed drawings and patterns, a parts list, construction photos and clear, step-by-step instructions on how to make the toy. A color gallery shows the finished toys in all their glory. Two introductory chapters explain the fine points of toymaking techniques, with helpful hints on working with small parts and choosing the best finish for your toy. Whether you're making a toy to entertain a child or grace a desk, this book will teach you how to create toys that your family will cherish for generations.

| PDF | 162 pages | 10,6Mb




Making Mad Toys & Mechanical Marvels in Wood

Изготовление обалденных механических игрушек из дерева.


Rodney Frost’s collection of playful mechanical contraptions will captivate anyone who operates them—and they’ll entice the creative woodworker too, because these whirligigs are as much fun to make as to maneuver. The secret to these movable marvels: propellers and other action-filled parts made from wood or metal. Full-size schematics and drawings, plus detailed written instructions, will guide woodwokers smoothly through building, carving, and assembling such enchanting projects as Grandad’s Night Out, a wild and wonderful gadget with a handsomely dressed figure that dances on a box; the Politically Incorrect Weather House (it contains a hygrometer to measure humidity); and Mr. Muscles & Little Ms. Threemore, two exercise buffs who work out!

| PDF | 160 pages | 28Mb




Making Mechanical Marvels in Wood

Механические чудеса из дерева. Чертежи и инструкции по изготовлению.


Patterns and instructions to create action toys with wheels that spin and pistons that pump—all designed to make movement and sound, as well as excitement and fascination. “An absolute marvel of a book. There is not a single page in the entire book that does not impart something of value to the reader and builder.

| PDF | 191 pages | 71Mb




Making Wooden Fishing Lures

Книга расскажет и покажет пошагово как изготовить приманку для рыбы из дерева собственными руками

20 проектов для изготовления.


Filled with fish-tested designs as well as carving and painting techniques, this guide provides instructions for creating a variety of fresh and saltwater lures. Exploring the science of catching fish that colors and shapes fish are attracted to and how to replicate themhe handbook tells which lure designs will attract which type of fish. Outlining the difference between surface, floating, diving, and sinking lures, this manual offers full-sized carving patterns and step-by-step demonstrations. Additional information about hardware, hooks, and jointed lures is also included, as is an elaborate gallery of historic and contemporary wooden lures. For the active fisherman, fishing lure collector, or the crafty carver and painter, this full-color handbook provides more than 20 projects to make and use.

| PDF | 160 pages | 24Mb




Making Working Wooden Locks

Изготовление действующих замков из дерева. Пошаговая инструкция, цветные фотографии, чертежи с размерами, выбор древесины, окончательная отделка. Получите удовольствие от работы и удивите своих близких и друзей.


This guide to creating fully functional, working locks from wood includes step-by-step instructions, color photos, measured drawings, and advice on wood selection, tools, and finishing. Techniques for creating five different locks, including a combination lock, are also included. Here is a book for all woodworkers who enjoy making moving, mechanically oriented objects such as puzzles, games, gears, and motors.


| PDF | 95 pages | 11 Mb




Manuel pratique de decoupage + 100 modeles

Одна из лучших книг для любителей выпиливания и интарсии. Пазлы, полочки, шкатулки, подвижные фигурки различных животных и людей, автомобили и многое другое.


One of the best books for lovers of sawing and intarsia. Puzzles, shelves, boxes, moving figures of various animals and people, cars and much more


| PDF | 75 pages | 23 Mb




Marvelous Transforming Toys with Complete Instructions and Plans

Деревянные игрушки - напоминания прошлых дней, которые, к сожалению, часто обращаются больше к взрослым, чем детям, для которых они предназначены. Описанное в книге Marvelous Transforming Toys изготовление шести основных "систем" (автомобили, грузовики, лодки, здания, самолеты и суда) позволяют детям создавать огромное разнообразие игрушек из деревянных частей. Инструкции показывают многочисленные методы для того, чтобы работать благополучно с мелкими деталями и дополнены превосходными рисунками и фотографиями. Проекты привлекательны, и качество сравнивается с популярными и дорогими игрушками


Many wooden toys are quaint reminders of bygone days which, unfortunately, frequently appeal more to adults than to the children for whom they are intended. Makowicki's "marvelous" toys should have a special draw; six basic "systems" (autos, trucks, boats, houses, planes, and ships) allow kids to create a huge variety of toys out of wooden parts. The instructions show numerous techniques for working safely with small parts and are supplemented by excellent drawings and photographs. The designs are attractive, and the quality compares to the popular and expensive Brio toys. This title is perfect for those on a budget, as it will allow them to use the many wood scraps they have accumulated over the years. A fine addition to every woodworking collection.

| PDF | 213 pages | 26 Mb






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CUBE T8 Ultimate 4G, 3G планшет MTK8783, 8 ядер, 1300 мГц,

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